Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Towing companies’ starts plans to grow in Clay Township

A Towing company is planning a $400,000 growth as it consolidates to Clay Township.

Englewood Truck is closing its ability at 1128 S. Main St. in Englewood and consolidates its business operation to 7510 Jacks Lane in Clay Township, where it plans to construct a new building.

The Towing company has purchase property to expand its vehicle storage area for an 8,100 square foot, 3-bay garage. It will also have a larger fenced-in area for vehicle storage.

Englewood Truck, which provides towing services and truck maintenance companies for local jurisdiction and the state, is a family-owned business. Owner Anthony Cecrle plans to sell the property in Englewood as part of the consolidation.

In all, it has thirty workers, ten of whom would be moving from Englewood to Clay Township as part of the plan. The towing company plans to employ five to seven in the next three years, according to documents obtained from Montgomery County.

Englewood Truck is seeking $40,000 in Montgomery County economic development to make that happen. Cecrle owner intend to finance the remainder of the cost of the scheme himself, according to the grant request.

The towing company hopes to sell its Englewood land by the end of the year, and have its new building construct by October 2015.


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  2. I am glad that we will be receiving more towing services. My car frequently breaks down, and it is not always easy to get a tow. I love living in a small town, but it has its consequences. I hope that the county approves the grant. It would certainly make my life easier.