Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Most Important Tips for Towing Your Vehicles by Towingrankings

You could have problem with the engine or have a battery dead that needs to be replace on the spot. Despite of the case, you will certainly need the assistance of a professional towing company to help out. You should also take into concern the different risks related with towing. Below is a list of the top ten towing risks.

1. Emergency tools – Every single towing provider should have a total emergency kit with all the needed tools stored and ready to go. The basics should include a flashlight, red fluorescent triangle lamp, tool set and spare tires in the trunk. 

2. Tires – Blown out tires are main problems that must be address immediately. Repair any flat tires before hoist them onto the flatbed truck. Tires must be changed to stop the load from flipping over due to instability. Check the stress gauge on the tires as well for added safety measures.

3. Reckless Towing – Under no conditions should the towing crew stand on the sides of the truck. One hasty turn could spell disaster for all, especially the crew members standing external holding on to the vehicle. Forever ride inside the truck with the doors locked.

4. Visibility Issues – Visibility becomes summary during bad weather and when it gets dark. Make sure you keep your headlights on at every time and make sure you pay extra close thought to road signs. 

5. Proper Equipment – Check your owner’s manual to ensure that you have the proper equipment and that your vehicle can safely handle the weight capacity of the load. 

6. Don’t go Speed - This is fairly obvious. Keep enough braking distance between the next vehicles at all times.

7. Not a Towing Vehicle – not at all attempt to connect a larger vehicle to a modern SUV. Trailer hitches are not fitting for all vehicles. Your vehicle must meet requirements before hooking up any trailers.

8. Pointed Turns – You should drive slower than usual during steep down slopes or sharp turns. Not only can you cause serious damage to the axle and chassis of the truck, you also lose control and fall over entirely, so be careful.


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  2. I had a friend who recently needed a tow. She had no idea how to go about getting a towing service to assist her. I decided to learn from her experience. I don't want to be caught unprepared so I did some research about towing. I am glad I found these tips. They may help me in the future!
    Emily Smith |

  3. There are a lot of things to consider when towing a vehicle. That is why I always hire a service when I get stranded. After I read your article, I realized that the process is even more complicated than I initially thought. I would probably kill myself if I tried to tow my own car.

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  5. Great article. I'm actually learning to tow from my dad who works in it. The article is pretty much what he has taught me so far. The sharp turns as mentioned in the article are always tricky for me.

  6. Unfortunately few of the rednecks in my neighborhood understand the term "reckless towing." The other day I saw them towing a sedan with several people on top. I prefer to leave the work to the professionals.

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  8. Thank you so much for the tips on how to properly tow a vehicle. I didn't know that you should fix a flat tire before you put it on the truck. Looks like I will have to do that from now on. I also agree that you should drive slower on the road because you are carrying a heavy load on your truck. If you don't there could be disastrous consequences.