Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nieman Service Towing Services

At Nieman Service Inc in Wisconsin Rapids we are certain to stand out from our competitors because we have all aspect of vehicle towing covered. Our emergency towing service means that we can provide assistance 24 hours.

Experienced in both vehicle towing and roadside assistance our specialist drivers have years of experience under their belts - meaning that you may still avoid a trip to your repair shop! And we have Wisconsin Rapids widest range of tow trucks, so we can grip any type of car or pick-up truck – we have got you covered!


For customers in Wisconsin Rapids, we offer complete vehicle towing services. Whatever the need for your car or pick-up truck, we have you covered:
  • Automotive towing
  • Roadside assistance
  • Car lockout services
We have an extensive fleet to handle all needs any time of the day and year at Nieman's Service Inc. We supply a fast, flexible and reliable service that won't cost you a fortune.

Other Services

Other services offered:
Jump start service
Lock out Service
Heavy duty towing.


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  4. I work a tow truck in Kansas City, MO. It isn't an easy job. When it is snowing and you gotta pull a semi out of a ditch at three in the morning. Ya that isn't my idea of fun. Good luck to them! If you are ever coming through and need a hand don't hesitate to ask.