Thursday, 19 March 2015

Police over 4-wheeler with towing company

A Horn Lake wrecker company said they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They towed a four-wheeler for the police department, but the police department said would not help them get the needed information to release the four-wheeler to its owners until WREG stepped in.

Mississippi has laws put in place where we have to make a good confidence effort to release any piece of property to its rightful owner, said Robert’s towing.

Here are what Roberts towing owner said happened: on last week, Horn Lake Police chased a 4-wheeler in the area of Leslie Cove and Jordan Drive. Police then had Roberts Towing pick up the 4-wheeler.

Then a few days ago, somebody came to pick up the 4-wheeler, but the VIN number on the 4-wheeler has been scratched off, something Roberts said he needs to have if he is going to lawfully release the quad.

We have gotta keep a sure level of reliability going for this business, Roberts said. But he said police Chief Darryl Whaley told him to release it anyway, something Roberts refused to do.

I explain to them I could not release it to them because I did not have a VIN number on the 4 wheeler, said Roberts. WREG tracked down Chief Whaley, who said in 25 years, he is never had a problem with a wrecking service and at first thought the whole issue was not a huge deal.

It look like they have got a attractive good paper trail, it’s a 15-year-old 4-wheeler, its worth about $500, so I called the wrecker service and asked them to release it to the guy, Whaley said.

On Wednesday afternoon, Horn Lake Police went and picked up the 4-wheeler. Said Whaley his department will now be attractive the 4-wheeler and investigating who the owner is. We are fixin’ to decide who the equitable owner is, he said.


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  3. Well at least the guy got his 4-wheeler back in the end, definitely worth it to him. It's weird to me that they wouldn't just give him the 4-wheeler even though it didn't have a correct Vin. I don't know, I would have just given it to him and informed him about the situation, but that's just me.

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