Monday, 16 February 2015

California’s best towing services Low Price Towing

The Low Price Towing, we have work hard to build a reputation for reliable towing services. We are here for the emergency service you need whether it is day or night. We are also a family-owned and operate business that takes pride in serving our neighbors in the San Fernando Valley.

Flat tires

If you are traveling and you experience a flat tire, you may be worried that you will be stranded for hours. Our team can come to you on the road and offer quality tire repairs for vehicles of all kinds.

Vans Motorcycles


Having a car accident is a frightening experience that no one wants to go through. However, if you experience an accident and need to have your car towed, you can call us 24 hours a day for service.

Immediate service

When you are stuck on the side of the road after your car break down, you do not want to wait for service. Being stranded can leave you in a dangerous and vulnerable situation. We respond immediately to your call.

Towing for

Foreign Motorcycles

Safe towing

Rely on us for professional, safe towing service.

We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. You can trust our towing experts.


  1. The other day I was around my apartment and saw that someone was getting towed. It is amazing how many people that get towed in my complex. The towing company probably makes a lot of money from my apartment complex. I hope that people that are visiting start learning to park in the visitor section.

  2. I'll have to remember this business. I've thought about who I would hire to tow my car if I needed it before. It's probably not too uncommon to need your car towed at some point. It's good to be prepared for this and to know who you would call.

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