Friday, 5 December 2014

Towing Service Offers Free Tows to Combat Drinking and Driving

Local law enforcement agencies have started initiating their 4th annual 'No Excuses' campaign, insisting not to drink and drive as holiday season has been kick started. 

To create awareness on safety and to portray the campaign theme of no excuse to drink and drive, Apollo Towing has came forward offering free towing services. 

This is the notable fourth time free tows home to drivers that is been offered by Apollo Towing, so there is no excuse to drink and drive. The law enforcement agencies on the other hand will be tracking out for drunk drivers. 

In order to save life and abandon driving under the influence of DWI, this free tow home and a free ride home initiative is launched and hence there will be no excuse at all, said Apollo Towing VP Mike Staff.
Apollo towing hopes to increase the number of benefiters this year as they could reach only 8 people use this service in the previous year. 

People can avail this free towing service every weekend from 6pm to midnight and service begins on Thanksgiving weekend and will be extended till New Year's weekend. Free tows will be offered on Wednesday December 24th, Thursday December 25th, Wednesday December 31st, and Thursday January 1st.


  1. I really like this idea to tow someone's car for free for someone who is under the influence of alcohol. No one has any excuse to drink and drive now. I think it will really help people not drink and drive. I hope that this service will continue beyond the holiday's.

  2. This is a great idea! I hope that this will help prevent unnecessary deaths and accidents. There truly is no reason for someone to be driving under the influence to begin with, but now this will get rid of any excuses!

  3. I really respect your company for offering free towing. I think that you probably help to save someones life for offering these services. Either by helping somone avoid a DUI, or by preventing an accident. If I lived in your area, I would only use your company.
    Mark Leach |

  4. Offering free towing is a wonderful thing to offer people during the bigger holidays of the year. I can only imagine this new year's eve parties, so many people could use towing. This will really help to keep people from driving drunk though, that is wonderful.
    Cynthia |

  5. That is phenomenal that these towing companies are offering free towing services to combat drinking and driving. Now all people have to do is call these services to have their vehicles towed to their homes and they can even get a ride home as well. This is going to really make a huge impact on the number of drunk drivers. This is even something that every towing company should offer to people. It will just be really good for their company and their clients as well.