Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bexar Towing Fault of Overcharge

John DeLoach, who once owned Bexar Towing, but who now works for the company as a sender and sometime presenter, has been found at fault of overcharge a car owner.

The trial over the citation was held last week, but Municipal Court Judge Robert Lipo notified attorneys for equally sides of his ruling Wednesday morning via email. The present owner of Bexar Towing Alex Garcia, was acquitting of an overcharging citation after a similar trial last week.

Bexar Towing is fighting the citations because they claim San Antonio Police were rudely enforcing an $85 maximum towing fee last year. The company was issue more than 400 citations for overcharging, most of which were written to Garcia.

7 overcharging citations named DeLoach. He can now appeal that decision; however Bexar Towing is still facing the 100 of other overcharging citations.

A 2002 ordinance set the $85 fee limit, but Bexar Towing was charging car owners $250, plus storage and take away fees. No penalty has been decided for DeLoach yet; Judge Lipo will talk about the matter with attorneys before ordering one.

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