Thursday, 5 July 2012

E&R Towing Services in America

When E&R was founded in 1978, with 3employees and 3 trucks, we realized that hard work alone wasn't enough. We would need a long term goal...a single business object that would continuously motivate us through good and bad times.

We have achieved this objective through a total commitment to service excellence. By incessantly evaluating our company's performance, our personnel and our client's needs, E&R has become America's main towing company.

In our offices across the nation, thousands of vehicles are successfully transported each day. Through our years of experience, hard work and analysis, E&R is now one of the mainly efficient vehicle towing and transport services available Any Time.

fleet of light duty tow trucks is premeditated to haul all types of cars and light trucks with state-of-the-art wheel lift systems.


fleet of light duty flatbed trucks works good for hauling Four-wheel drive and specialty vehicles and we are experts in tools and machinery hauling.


Pop-up dolly wheels allow light duty vehicles to be towed with the wheels off the ground. This is especially helpful for Four-wheel/front drive cars and light duty trucks and other vehicles that are disabled or have flat tires.


We specialize in damage-free motorcycle transport and have specific carriers intended to haul all makes and all models of motorcycle.


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