Friday, 25 May 2012

Rocky Mountain Towing and recovery handle more than semi trucks. Our towing and recovery service is also available for traveler vehicles such as: cars, light trucks, and trailers. Domestic motorists can wait for the same level of quality, professional tow and recovery service as our commercial customers.

We are ready supply to roadside assistance when your car or truck breaks down, looses a tire, runs out of gas, needs a jump, or needs a replacement battery.
Our towing and recovery technicians also have a setting in automotive mechanics and are able to solve or mend many common problems that will make your vehicle useless. If we are not able to repair the issue on the spot, we will tow your vehicle to a local mechanic or to the shop of your selection.

Vehicle recovery in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado poses a number of challenges. Warning cliffs, frozen ponds concealed by snow, and slick ton roads claim many cars and trucks through the year. But no matter where your truck ends up, our team of recovery professional will get you back on the road.

Rocky Mountain Towing and recovery operates several semi wreckers ready with all we could possibly need to get your truck back on the road including:

• Heavy-duty air bags system

• Underwater recovery tools

• Repelling and rock mountain climbing equipment

• Cables, chains, and winches to recover vehicles 1000' below the road

Once we have your truck standing and back on the road, it may need some work to get running again. The drivers at Rocky Mountain Towing and vehicle recovery are ready to help with light repairs such as fluid refill, battery replacement and tire repair, but there are some repairs that need a mechanic.

Rocky Mountain Towing and vehicle recovery services a 100 mile radius about the towns of Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming Areas.


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