Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tow truck drivers hail blue stickers

Tow companies, many owed ''colossal'' sums of money from transgressors are hailing the prospect of police blue stickering cars with shonky registrations.

In a tough new Government crackdown starting in Canterbury, drivers will be given 24 hours to correct registration details or lose their cars.

Errant motorists will be blue-stickered and given until midnight the following day to comply or, if in default, have their cars seized and impounded.
Scotts Towing manager Greg Atkinson said incorrect vehicle registrations were a major problem.

Selling an unclaimed vehicle added to costs already incurred in unpaid storage fees.

''Tow companies are the motorists' mother. We have to clean up after them crashes, illegal parking, disqualified driving, leaving a crash scene. There's a certain element out there who don't want to pay up, don't have insurance, don't like the cost of recovery and we're left holding the baby.''

Senior Southern Salvage manager Phil Arundel said they did not ''hang around for people now''.

''They're given their options and we recover out costs from the scrap.''

enior Sergeant Nalder said the law ''tidies up things'' from a police aspect and would ensure owners not supplying proper or correct information to motor registration centres were held to account.

The new blue sticker is the latest enforcement tool in the road policing kit. It joins the pink and green stickers issued for unroadworthy and non-compliant vehicles.

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