Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jackson Woman Says Towing Company Misled Her

A Jackson woman said her year got off to a bad start after she had to shell out $300 for her towed car.

Jamie Davis' car was one of dozens towed from business parking lots on New Year's weekend.

The sign at this Wells Fargo Bank parking lot clearly said cars who don't belong to customers will be towed.

But it didn't stop Davis from parking there on New Year's Eve when there wasn't a spare space at Tha Spot nightclub in Jackson.

"I park there all the time. It's never been a problem," Davis said.

When she came back, her car was gone, and Davis said KMA Towing and Recovery's story kept changing.

"I was told it was going to be $265. He (Man from KMA) said, 'Tomorrow we'll be closed. If you pick it up Monday, it will be $270.' I said, 'OK,'" Davis said.

But when Davis went to pick up her car Monday, she said she felt scammed, because KMA told her the price had gone up.

"Towing charge: $200, storage charge: $35 and gate fee: $65 -- for a total of $300," Davis said.

KMA said it has an open agreement with Wells Fargo to tow any time cars are parked illegally.

The towing company said the person who towed the car may not have known the building would be empty on Monday, requiring someone to come in to unlock the gate, which accounted for the $65 fee.

The manager of Tha Spot said he plans on putting up posters on the door telling his customers where not to park at Wells Fargo Bank.


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